January 2008 – Ups and Downs of Winter

Almost anything can fall from the sky in the winter in New Brunswick – snow, rain, freezing rain, freezing drizzle, ice pellets etc. and during this month all of it did.

The snow was piled high thanks to a series of storms over the Christmas-New Year period and by the first week of the month, Greater Moncton already had more snow season-to-date than all of last winter!

A great melt took place from Jan. 6-12 when temperatures soared to nearly 13 Celsius which was quite long compared to normal January thaw standards.

And despite nine overnight lows dipping into the minus 20’s Celsius, the great melt week actually pushed overall monthly temperatures above normal – go figure!

January 2008 stats…

Average HIGH -2.1 C
Average LOW -12.0C
AVERAGE -7.0 C (almost 2 degrees above average, warmer than December ’07)

Extreme HIGH 12.8 C (on the 9th, warmer than December ’07)
Extreme LOW -26.5 C (on the 4th)

Rain 14.8 mm (about 30% below normal)
Snow 104.9 cm (about 60% above normal)
Total Precipitation was slightly above normal for January 2008