February 2008 – Rollercoaster continues!

Lots of precipitation continued to fall this month including rain, freezing rain and snow – well above average in fact.

The thaw-freeze-thaw cycles also continued but those actually led to above normal temperatures overall.

Three major snow events of 10 cm’s or more occurred and three frigid nights saw temperatures drop below the -20 Celsius mark.

What a winter so far – and there are still several more weeks to go!

February 2008 stats…

Average HIGH -1.5 C
Average LOW -12.3 C
AVERAGE -6.9 C (about 1.1 degrees above average)

Extreme HIGH 10.5 C (on the 18th)
Extreme LOW -23.2 C (on the 17th)

Rain 56.0 mm (more than double the normal amount)
Snow 75.3 cm (slightly above normal)
Total Precipitation was more than 40 percent above normal for February 2008