March 2008 – Winter won’t go away

March is a transition month but even as the days went by, there were few signs spring was coming to Greater Moncton.

Overall temperatures were a solid two degrees below normal which failed to put much of a dent in the huge snowbanks which have accumulated since December.

Precipitation was above normal but for the first month this winter, snowfall was below normal and rainfall was above normal.

The nights were very cold with double digit below freezing throughout the month and the extreme high temperature failed to crack 10 C, even January and February had warmer extreme maximums.

March 2008 stats…

Average HIGH 0.2 C
Average LOW -10.1 C
AVERAGE -5.0 C (about 2.1 degrees below normal)

Extreme HIGH 7.6 C (on the 5th)
Extreme LOW -18.9 C (on the 1st)

Rain 91.4 mm (more than double the normal amount)
Snow 58.2 cm (slightly below normal)
Total Precipitation was more than 30 percent above normal for March 2008