April 2008 – Finally Spring!

Spring arrived late – as it often does in SE New Brunswick – but it certainly was welcome when it finally came!

After a winter which came early (mid-November), stayed late and dumped almost 408 cm’s of snow, winter rage had set in for many.

April was actually quite pleasant with many sunny days, little snow or rain, and daytime highs which were often well above average.

April 2008 stats…

Average HIGH 9.8 C
Average LOW -1.3 C
AVERAGE 4.3 C (1.1 degrees above average)

Extreme HIGH 19.7 C (on the 17th)
Extreme LOW -5.8 C (on the 3rd)

Rain 35.0 mm (40% below normal)
Snow 11.1 cm (66% below normal)
Total Precipitation was only half of what is normal