May 2008 – What happened to spring?

After the winter we had in Greater Moncton, you would have thought spring would have been more forgiving but this has not been the case.

While April was rather pleasant and dry, May turned out to be quite cool with chilly daytime highs and frosty overnight lows.

Only five days met or exceeded 20 C, five days struggled to reach 10 C and at no time did the thermometer come close to 30 C.

Precipitation was near normal and there was even a trace of snow on the 2nd.

Can we anticipate a warmer summer? Well, here’s hoping!

May 2008 stats…

Average HIGH 15.1 C
Average LOW 3.8 C
AVERAGE 9.4 C (0.5 degrees below average)

Extreme HIGH 26.1 C (on the 27th)
Extreme LOW -2.2 C (on the 4th)

Rain 85.9 mm (near normal)
Snow 1.2 cm (near normal)
Total Precipitation was slightly below normal for May