June 2008 – Summer slowly creeps in

Looking at the stats for June 2008, one would think the month was a pretty good one in Greater Moncton – temperatures slightly warmer than normal and rainfall a bit above average but somehow it seemed much cooler and wetter than what the stats would suggest.

Again this year, the extreme high failed to reach the coveted 30 Celsius mark with many days starting out with sunshine but clouding over by afternoon.

The first half of the month was quite cool especially overnight lows and the real heat of what would be called summer didn’t arrive until the last 10 days or so of the month.

June 2008 stats…

Average HIGH 20.9 C
Average LOW 10.5 C
AVERAGE 15.7 C (0.6 degrees above average)

Extreme HIGH 27.2 C (on the 22nd)
Extreme LOW 2.4 C (on the 6th)

Rain 103.6 mm (about 11% above normal)