August 2008 – Unsettled and wet!

Not too hot, not too cool but extremely unsettled and wet would sum up August in Southeastern New Brunswick.

After below normal rain in July, August certainly made up for it – in fact, only 10 days of the month had no measurable rainfall.

But what was probably most striking was the prolonged period of unsettled weather during the month  – sun, cloud and rain, then repeat – which didn’t change until late August.

AUGUST 2008 Almanac

Average HIGH  22.6 C

Average LOW   13.3 C

AVERAGE         17.9 C (normal)

Extreme HIGH  29.3 C 

Extreme LOW     9.5 C 

Rainfall    117.2 mm (almost 50% above normal)

Fay just won’t go away!

Image courtesy NOAA

Image courtesy NOAA

Tropical storm Fay just won’t go away.

After wreaking havoc in Haiti and Dominican Republic, the storm briefly lashed Cuba and the Florida Keys before dumping up to 500 mm’s of rain on parts of the Florida Peninsula.

UPDATE – Tropical Storm Fay set a new record by making landfall four times in Florida before finally becoming a low pressure system.

July 2008 – Great start to summer!

Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI

While June was wet and somewhat cool, July was just the opposite in Southeastern New Brunswick.

The month saw above normal temperatures and well below normal precipitation.

Daytime highs were mostly well into the high 20’s C, with two days climbing above 30 C, and overnight lows were very mild mainly in the mid to high teens C.

The first two-thirds of the month were virtually rain-free, with the bulk of the precipitation falling in the last 10 days of the month.

JULY 2008 Almanac

Average HIGH  26.7

Average LOW   14.6

AVERAGE   20.7  (2.1 C above normal)

Extreme HIGH  31.7

Extreme LOW   11.1

Rainfall   64 mm (about 40% below normal)