September 2008 – Cool and wet

Sunset over Downtown Moncton, NB (Sept.30.08)

Sunset over Downtown Moncton, NB (Sept.30.08)

September in Greater Moncton started off fairly mild but there was more than enough rain thanks to the remnants of two post tropical storms – Hanna and Kyle.

Temperatures cooled down quite a bit by mid-month especially overnight lows with a touch of frost in many areas when it dropped to -1.2 C on the 19th setting a new record low.

SEPTEMBER 2008 Almanac

Average HIGH  18.8 C

Average LOW     7.8 C

AVERAGE         13.3 C (+0.3 degrees above normal)

Extreme HIGH  25.6 C 

Extreme LOW    -1.2 C (new record) 

Rainfall    128.0 mm (almost 40% above normal)

Kyle strikes Yarmouth, NS

Tree branches snap in Yarmouth, NS

Tree branches snap in Yarmouth, NS

Hurricane Kyle struck SW Nova Scotia last night near Yarmouth as a Category One storm but was quickly downgraded to a tropical storm once it hit land and simply fizzled by the time it reached the Bay of Fundy.

Thousands did lose power though, tree branches snapped and anything not tied down or secured blew around but generally the storm was not as fierce as predicted.

In New Brunswick, Saint John was expected to be in the direct path of Kyle but only 30 mm’s of rain and brisk winds materialized.

In Greater Moncton, it was more of a rain event and not much of one at that.

Kyle is coming!

Projected path of TS Kyle (NOAA)

Projected path of TS Kyle (NOAA)

Tropical Storm Kyle is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Bermuda, and is expected to become a hurricane shortly.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre issued a dire warning today – the storm expected to weaken somewhat by the time it reaches the Maritimes – could give Saint John a direct hit with drenching rain and winds.

Saint John already had to deal with heavy rain and flooding from Hanna earlier this month.

To add insult to injury, before Kyle arrives, another unrelated system is bringing heavy rain to the Maritimes just ahead of the tropical storm.

Autumn arrives!

Autumn leaves in Albert County (taken October 2007)

Autumn leaves in Albert County (taken October 2007)

Autumn officially arrived today at 12:44 PM Atlantic Time.

After a lacklustre summer in Greater Moncton (lots of cloud, rain and cool temperatures especially in August), it was still hard to see it go.

The leaves have yet to really show any colours and despite a recent touch of frost, flowers are still thriving.

Let’s hope fall is a long, mild and pleasant season!

Jack Frost visits

Much of NB is under a frost warning

Much of NB is under a frost warning

It may seem a bit early in many areas but scattered frost is expected in much of New Brunswick early Friday.

Environment Canada has issued a frost warning for much of the province.

The average first fall frost date in Moncton is September 27th.

Frost is also likely in Southern Quebec, Eastern Ontario and inland areas of the Northeastern USA.

UPDATE – New cold record lows were set in at least four NB cities:

Fredericton -2.7 C

Saint John -1.9 C

Moncton -1.2 C (old record -1.1 C, 1974)

Bathurst -1.1 C

Ike strikes Galveston, Texas

Damage from Ike on highway near Galveston, TX

Damage from Ike on highway near Galveston, TX

Hurricane Ike came crashing ashore in the wee hours of the morning today near Galveston, Texas as a strong Category 2 storm.

The hurricane has shut down the region’s oil industry which has caused gas prices to jump throughout North America – $1.50 per litre in Canada and $5 per gallon in the US.

Millions of people lost power and windows were blown out in nearby Houston – America’s fourth largest city – with glass littering downtown streets.

Officials say the death toll from Ike is so far low with only three deaths reported from the wrath of the storm.

UPDATE – Three days after the storm hit, more than 40 deaths are blamed on Ike.

Fffrost already!

No frost yet in Downtown Moncton, NB

No frost yet in Downtown Moncton, NB

Frost warnings were posted over western and northern parts of New Brunswick early this morning.

Temperatures dropped to as low as -0.7 C in Edmundston, 1.1 C in St. Leonard and even 1.6 C at the Saint John Airport – but no records were broken.

Close to frost but no cigar in Greater Moncton where it dropped to 3.9 C.

UPDATE – Frost was reported in some parts of NB including the Woodstock area.

Ike is up next

Hurricane Ike swirling toward Texas

Hurricane Ike swirling toward Texas

Hurricane Ike is the next storm expected to hit the American Gulf Coast this weekend.

But forecasters say Ike will spare vulnerable Louisiana and strike the Texas coastline instead, likely somewhere between Corpus Christi and Houston.

Ike has already caused widespread damage and flooding in Haiti and Cuba and has claimed at least 80 deaths.

Hanna dumps lots of rain

Hanna creates flooding in Saint John, NB

Hanna creates flooding in Saint John, NB

Post tropical storm Hanna dumped a lot of rain along the shores of the Bay of Fundy as it tracked through the Maritimes yesterday.
Saint John was hardest hit with 142 mm’s of rain which led to flooded streets and basements.
Parrsboro and Digby, NS also received around 100 mm’s of rain wiht the storm and PEI ws drenched with between 50 and 100 mm’s.
Here in Greater Moncton, we got about 60 mm’s but little flooding took place although some rural roads took a beating from floodwaters in the Dorchester and Memramcook areas.

Here comes Hanna!

Hanna projected path - NOAA

Hanna projected path - NOAA

The Atlantic hurricane season seems to be really heating up with the latest storm Hanna poised to hit the Carolinas on Saturday as a tropical storm.

Hanna has already carved a path of destruction with more than 130 people killed in Haiti.

The remnants of Hanna could hit the Maritimes by Sunday with heavy rain and high winds and the storm track continues to veer east along Nova Scotia with Yarmouth its projected first hit.

Meantime, Ike and Josephine are also churning in the Atlantic and appear headed to the Caribbean.