October 2008 – Mild and wet

Fall in Albert County

Fall in Albert County

October 2008 will be remembered as being relatively mild and wet – even though rainfall was slightly below normal – a continuation of similar weather which really began in August.

Daytime highs were average or slightly above average but at no point during the month did the temperature hit 20 C or higher – which is unusual.

Overnight lows were cool especially toward the end of the month when they dipped below the freezing point.

OCTOBER 2008 Almanac

Average HIGH  12.9 C

Average LOW     2.7 C

AVERAGE          7.8 C (+0.7 degrees above normal)

Extreme HIGH  18.4 C 

Extreme LOW    -4.4 C

Rainfall    76.3 mm (about 23% below normal)

Snow in Ottawa!

Snow in Ottawa, Oct.29.08

Snow in Ottawa, Oct.29.08

The Nation’s Capital got an early taste of winter after an overnight snowfall knocked out power to thousands and caused chaos for commuters.

Environment Canada says about 10 cm’s of snow fell in the Ottawa area and snow removal crews were left short handed since a lot of equipment was still tied up in the construction sector.

The snow is not expected to last very long with temperatures in the low teens Celsius by Halloween.

Parts of interior Pennsylvania and New York State were also treated to an early taste of winter.

October snow in London

London's Millennium Bridge coated in snow


Several centimetres of snow fell in London last night – the earliest snowfall in the British capital since 1934 – 74 years.

The wintry conditions created chaos on the highways and led to power disruptions in some areas.

Snow has fallen in October in southern England but not since the 1970’s.

Hard frost hits Moncton

Kent Hills Wind Farm Oct.19.08

Kent Hills Wind Farm Oct.19.08

After two nights of cold temperatures in Greater Moncton, any tender plants still alive are now likely dead.

A hard frost occurred both Sunday morning at -4.1 C and Monday morning at -4.4 C, both of which are near record-breaking.

A new record was set today in Bathurst at -7.8 C, breaking the old record of -6.1 C.

Charlottetown fell to -4 C today breaking the old record of -3.1 C although the eastern part of PEI was much warmer dropping to about 5 C.

Wildfires in California

Evacuations due to fires in Southern California

Evacuations due to fires in Southern California

Thousands of people have been evacuated in Southern California after the so-called Santa Ana winds whipped wildfires causing one blaze to jump 8 lanes of a freeway.

At least one person has been killed and about 100 homes destroyed.

The Santa Ana season has begun with hot, dry winds from the desert blowing across the region increasing the risk of fires.

Snow in Saskatchewan!

Snow in Regina, SK (Oct.13.08)

Snow in Regina, SK (Oct.13.08)

This may be Canada – the Great White North – but even mid-October is too early for this.

As much as 25 cm’s of snow fell over southern Saskatchewan on Thanksgiving with about 17 cm’s in Regina.

Saskatoon was no affected by this storm at all.

Montana was impacted by the same system with up to 30 cm’s in the eastern part of that state.

Leaf colour peaks in Moncton

Fall colours Albert County - Late Oct '07

Fall colours Albert County - Late Oct

The splendour of fall foliage is typically at its peak in Southeastern New Brunswick around Thanksgiving to mid-October and this year is no exception.

Some leaf watchers say this year’s colours are not as brilliant due to a wet summer and wet fall to date.

In any event, the show is still amazing and it will be sad to see the leaves finally drop for the season.