December 2008 – A wild rollercoaster ride!

December had more ups and downs than in any month in recent memory.

For example, a seven day stretch saw the temperature fall to -15.8 C and then rise to 13.5 C in less than 24 hours – with a similar temperature swing recorded twice more in the same week.

Precipitation was above normal overall with most of it falling as rain rather than snow.

December 2008 ALMANAC

Average HIGH  2.3 C

Average LOW  -9.6 C

Average    -3.7 C (1.8 degrees above normal)

Extreme HIGH  16.1 C (on the 12th, a new record for the date)

Extreme LOW  -23.0 C (on the 21st)

Rainfall  97.9 mm (almost 50% above normal)

Snowfall  63.2 cm (near normal)


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