March 2009 – Winter lingers

March in Greater Moncton proved as cold as February especially the first half of the month.  Many overnight lows continued to fall into minus double digit territory.

Snow was relatively light except for the season’s biggest storm at month’s end.  But it continued to pile up because the cold prevented a great deal of melting.  Rain was also noticeably scant during the month.

Oddly enough, March not only came in like a lion in went out like one as well.

MARCH 2009

Average HIGH   1.4 C

Average LOW   -8.6 C

Average   -3.6 C  (0.7 degrees below normal)

Extreme HIGH  10.8 C

Extreme LOW   -16.4 C

Snow  76.0 cm  (slightly above normal)

Rain  8.6 mm  (well below normal)

Spring wallop hits Moncton

Snowy Downtown Moncton

Snowy Downtown Moncton

A severe snowstorm walloped Greater Moncton over the past 24 hours dumping 35 cm of snow – a record breaker for this date.  In fact, this was the heaviest single snowfall of the season.

Moncton was by far the hardest hit area of the region with much more rain than snow in Saint John, Fredericton and Halifax.  Charlottetown had 28 cm of snow.

Schools closed yesterday during the brunt of the storm but did reopen today.

Thousands lost power for up to 6 hours yesterday.