May 2009 – Finally spring!

Spring at Halifax Public Gardens, NS

Spring at Halifax Public Gardens, NS

After a cold and dismal April in Greater Moncton, May turned out to be a welcome change with temperatures slightly above normal and precipitation slightly below normal.

Daytime highs surpassed 20 C on eight days during the month and almost hit 30 C on the 21st making for a fabulous day at the beach!

Cooler weather earlier in the spring did delay the full budding of leaves on most trees until the third week of May.

Best of all, not a single snowflake was spotted during the month!


Average HIGH  16.9 C

Average LOW  5.0 C

AVERAGE  11.0 C (about 1.1 C above normal)

Extreme HIGH  29.6 C (May 21st)

Extreme LOW  0.8 C (May 11th)

Rainfall  81.3 mm (slightly below normal)

Snowfall  0 cm

Snow in Newfoundland

I can’t remember a May as snowy as this one across Canada as this month has been.

The Prairies have been battling snow, in some cases heavy amounts, virtually all-month long.

This morning, many Newfoundlanders woke up to about 5 cm’s of snow, including the St. John’s area, when the temperature dropped to the freezing point.

I guess that cold air is drifting south tonight with a frost warning in effect for New Brunswick.

Amazing day at the beach!

Parlee Beach, NB May21.09

Parlee Beach, NB May21.09

It’s not very common to have a great beach day in May in New Brunswick but today was one of those rare days!

With a record high in Greater Moncton of 29.6 C (beating the old record of 29.0 C set in 1992), a drive to Parlee Beach was in order.

I was amazed at the mid-afternoon May crowd (mostly school age and university age) and even the swimmers in the water!  Although I couldn’t resist wading in too and it wasn’t even that cold!

Fredericton was actually the warmest place in the country today with an unofficial record high of 33.3 C!

More snow in the West!

Drayton Valley, AB May18.09

Drayton Valley, AB May18.09

Winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go across the West.

Heavy snow fell in parts of northern British Columbia today as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan.

As much as 30 cm’s fell in some areas which seems almost incredible considering it is almost the end of May!

Still early for the beach

Parlee Beach, NB May 16.09

Parlee Beach, NB May 16.09

It was a beautiful day in Greater Moncton yesterday with a seasonal high of 18 C but a little cooler along the coast at nearby Parlee Beach.

Despite the cool day, there were still a few hardy sunbathers and two girls even took a dip in the chilly water of the Northumberland Strait.

Given how land warms faster than water, these waters are actually warmest in late August and early September when the entire summer has had a chance to warm them up.

Winter lingers in the West

Snow in Gimli, Manitoba May 15.09

Snow in Gimli, Manitoba May 15.09

Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer in Canada so it may have come as a surprise when many Manitobans woke up to snow yesterday.

It may seem ridiculous even for Manitoba which already endures one of the coldest winters in the country.

A trace of snow was reported in Winnipeg and higher amounts fell north of the city.

Parts of Saskatchewan including Regina also saw trace amounts of snow.

Forest fire in Dieppe

High winds as strong as 80 km/h helping fan the flames of a forest fire in Dieppe today.

The blaze, near the Greater Moncton Airport, was not immediately threatening any properties.

Several fire departments responded and water bombers were called in from the provincial department of natural resources.

Wildfires in Southern California

Fires rage above Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Fires rage above Santa Barbara, CA, USA

A cool sea breeze and fog are giving firefighters a helping hand as they try to put out wildfires in Southern California near Santa Barbara.

Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate.

The fires have destroyed more than 70 homes and the home of Oprah Winfrey is said to be threatened with staffers packing up her things.

Springtime in the Park

Squirrel eating in Mapleton Park

Squirrel eating in Mapleton Park

Springtime is perfect for taking a walk in the park especially in Greater Moncton today with a partly cloudy sky and a temperature in the low 20’s C.

Mapleton Park in Moncton is now abuzz with wildlife including ducks, small birds and this squirrel munching on some seeds.

Recent rains have turned the grass a lush green and leaves on most trees are nearly in full bloom.