June 2009 – Warm and Wet

Greater Moncton had 35% more rain than usual during the month of June with almost half of the month’s total falling in a single day – on the 12th.  Measurable precipitation was recorded on 15 out of 30 days.

The region was also slightly warmer than normal  – although with all the wet weather it didn’t really feel like it.  Temperatures were quite mild especially in the last third of June when even overnight lows failed to drop below 12 C.


Average HIGH  20.9 C

Average LOW  10.1 C

Average  15.54 C (0.4 degrees above normal)

Extreme HIGH  27.0 C (on the 25th)

Extreme LOW  3.1 C (on the 9th)

Rainfall  124.4 mm (more than 35% above normal)

First Day of Summer

Aboiteau Beach, Cap Pele, NB Jun18.09

Aboiteau Beach, Cap Pele, NB Jun18.09

Summer officially arrived early this morning at 2:45-AM Atlantic Daylight Time.

The official season of Spring (late March to late June) will actually go down in Greater Moncton as being slightly warmer than normal with below normal precipitation.

Above is a photo snapped on June 18th at Aboiteau Beach in Cap-Pele, NB – my second local beach day so far this year!

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Moncton's causeway traffic circle floods again

Moncton's causeway traffic circle floods again

Greater Moncton experienced a deluge yesterday after steady rains fell throughout the day.

Minor flooding occurred throughout city including the typical areas like the Causeway Traffic Circle (above).

Almost 62 mm of rain fell which is 2/3 of the normal June amount and just shy of the extreme daily record for the month.

Snow in Alberta!

Spring just doesn’t want to stick on the Prairies and in Alberta especially with more snow on the weekend.

Snow fell in Calgary on Saturday and although it melted on contact in much of the city, it did stick in western parts of town.

Environment Canada says snow is not normal for June in Calgary but it is not unusual with snow being recorded in the city in every month of the year.

Meantime, chilly single digit highs were recorded across the Prairies on the weekend where temperatures should be in the low 20’s C for early June.

Record breaking heat in BC

Coastal British Columbia is normally quite cool this time of year but temperatures soared yesterday to 30 C and higher.

Victoria Airport recorded a new record high of 31.3 C surpassing the previous high set in 1989.

The warmest spots in the country were at Lytton 35.8 C and Lillooet 35.7 C in the Fraser River Canyon.

UPDATE – Lillooet hit 37.1 C and Lytton hit 36.6 C on June 4th.