Frost in July!

I can’t ever remember a “risk of frost” in July but one has been issued for much of the Maritimes tonight in low lying areas away from the coast.

Overnight, reports indicated frost occurred in low lying areas of Prince Edward Island, a weather rarity for July 8th.

Some residents say they had to scrap ice off windshields, while some monitoring stations had temperatures hovering close to 2.0 C.

The temperature dropped to an official 3.8 C early this morning at the Charlottetown airport, a record low temperature for the date.

Greater Moncton had a low of 5.3 C, the record low was 5.0 C.

UPDATE – On July 9th, Greater Moncton tied its record low of 5.6 C and light frost is reported on PEI for the first time in recorded weather history.