Deadly tornado strikes NW Ontario

Amateur image of tornado near Ear Falls, ON

Amateur image of tornado near Ear Falls, ON

A rare tornado ripped through a fishing resort near Ear Falls, Ontario last night killing three American men who were vacationing there.

The bodies were found in the water of Lac Seul at Fishermen’s Cove shortly after the storm passed through the area.

Three cabins ended up in the lake and five others at the resort were injured.

Environment Canada says the tornado was one of several severe thunderstorm cells across Northwestern Ontario yesterday.

Finally Heat!

After three weeks of cloudy, cool and rainy conditions, summer has finally arrived in Greater Moncton – today’s high was 29.4 C!

However, today’s high still falls short of the 29.6 C recorded on May 21st.

The hotspot in Canada today was actually Kouchibouguac at 31.3 C with Bathurst not far behind at 30.6 C (setting a new record high for the date).