Where’s the heat?

It’s mid-July and the thermometer has failed to officially crack 30 C in Greater Moncton – in fact, it has barely cracked 25 C this summer – it has happened on only 11 days since April!

We’re not alone though… much of Southern Canada and the Northern USA have been experiencing the same type of cool, often dreary weather.

So where is the heat?  In the far north, places like Dawson City, Yukon which has already cracked 30 C and had 19 days above 25 C!

The polar jet stream is one of the factors in the cool equation – usually over Southern Canada, it has been much farther south this summer and the Bermuda High, typically off the East Coast, is much further east in the Atlantic this year. 

But Environment Canada models are showing normal or warmer-than-normal temperatures for most of the country from now until mid-August.