First Day of Summer!

Sunrise in Stonehenge, England, 21 June 10

The first day of summer – no words are sweeter to the ears of a Canadian since it’s probably our most celebrated and yet shortest of seasons in actual duration.

In New Brunswick, the summer solstice was marked at 8:28 AM today.

Today the Northern Hemisphere is tipped closer to the sun than on any other day of 2010 and as a result, the midday sun appears at its highest point in the sky.

Across Canada, the length of the longest day of the year varies greatly… (sunrise/sunset/total daylight hours)

Moncton, NB  5:27 am/ 9:13 pm/ 15 hrs, 46 min

Toronto, ON  5:36 am/ 9:03 pm/ 15 hrs, 26 min

Vancouver, BC  5:07 am/ 9:21 pm/ 16 hrs, 14 min

Dawson City, Yukon  3:46 am/ 12:50 am/ 21 hrs, 3 min

Iqaluit, Nunavut  2:11 am/ 11:01 pm/ 21 hrs, 12 min

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