October 2010 – Wet and mild

Halloween in Moncton

October in Greater Moncton proved to be a continuation of September with mild temperatures and wet conditions with more than 45 mm of rain falling on the 2nd alone.

The warmest weather was during the first few days of the month with an overnight low of 21.2 C on the 1st which was the warmest low so far of 2010.

The fall foliage season was longer and more brilliant than past years with many trees holding on to most of their leaves until the last week of the month.

A cold snap on Halloween weekend brought the first snow flurries of the season to the region.


Average HIGH  13.0 C

Average LOW  3.0 C

AVERAGE  8.0 C (0.9 C above the 30-year average)

Extreme HIGH  24.4 C (on the 1st)

Extreme LOW  -3.4 C (on the 25th)

RAINFALL  132.6 mm (more than 30% above the 30-year average)

SNOWFALL  Trace (slightly below normal)