November 2010 – Precipitation aplenty!

Jones Lake, Moncton, NB, 29 Nov 10

November 2010 will be best remembered in Greater Moncton as a month with lots of precipitation – both rain and snow!

Almost 200 mm of rain fell over a one week period alone in the region with above normal temperatures for the first two-thirds of the month.

Then the bottom fell out of the temperature in the last third of November and the first significant snow fell on the 20th with 4.4 cm followed by two more sizeable snowfalls within a few days.

Overall, temperatures for November were almost one degree Celsius above normal and total precipitation was more than 120% above average.


Average HIGH  6.0 C

Average LOW  -1.7 C

AVERAGE  2.2 C (about 0.8 C above the 30-year average) 

Extreme HIGH  18.1 C (on the 5th)

Extreme LOW  -11.1 (on the 22nd)

Rainfall  203.0 mm (about 120% above normal)

Snowfall  26.2 cm (slightly above normal)


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