January 2011 – Very Snowy!

High snowbanks in Moncton, 30 Jan 11

Snow, snow and more snow… it seemed like it snowed at least once every few days in Greater Moncton during the month.

As it turns out, Environment Canada records indicate January 2011 was the snowiest in the region since 1987.

The snow often came during a big temperature swing from extreme cold to mild weather.

Cold weather did settle in around mid-month and stuck around for more than a week.

JANUARY 2011 Almanac

Average HIGH  -3.9 C

Average LOW  -11.5 C

AVERAGE    -7.7 C (about 1.2 C above normal for the 30 year average)

Extreme HIGH  3.8 C (on the 1st)

Extreme LOW  -24.6 C (on the 24th)

Rainfall  22.4 mm  (near normal)

Snowfall  138.2 cm (75% above the 30-year average)


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