Moncton nears snow record

Snowbanks are higher than most children in Moncton

The seemingly endless series of winter storms to hit Greater Moncton is putting the city on the verge of breaking its own February snowfall record.

Environment Canada says the current snow record is 119 cm on the ground in February 1992.

As of yesterday, 113 cm was lying on the ground at Greater Moncton Airport.

The snow is causing problems – the weight of the snow has caused roofs to collapse and school officials are asking drivers to use caution as the high snow banks, lack of sidewalks and narrow streets are forcing children to walk on the road.

The large piles of snow have also started to put a strain on Moncton’s snow clearing budget.

Moncton sets out $5 million annually for plowing, salting and moving snow, a sufficient budget in recent years but that figure has been eaten into significantly by the recent storms.


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