Cold, snow add to tragedy in Japan

Snow covers devastation, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 17 Mar 11

Cold and snow has been adding to misery in northern Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks.

A dip in the jet stream this week has been producing colder than normal weather than what is typical for mid-March.

The area around Sendai received several centimetres of snow spanning Tuesday night into Wednesday this week.

The rough weather added further misery to desperate rescue attempts as the hope for finding survivors in the rubble across the region dwindled.

Incredible shrinking snowbanks!

Snow cover Atlantic Canada 17 Mar 11 (TWN)

The great mounds of snow in Greater Moncton have been disappearing lately at an alarming rate.

As of today, 17 March, only 21 cm of snow remains on the ground in the region compared to 73 cm just a week ago and a whopping 120 cm on 01 March.

From the map above, you can see Nova Scotia is now almost completely snow-free except for the Cobequid Mountains region.

Prince Edward Island is still lightly snow-covered and much of southern New Brunswick is either snow-free or lightly snow-covered while northern areas still have a large amount of snow.