March 2011 – Snow finally slows down!

Crocuses in bloom, Moncton 31 March 11 (TWN)

After two months with snowfall after snowfall, little melting and virtually no rain, the snow machine finally slowed down in Greater Moncton during March.

With little new snow, lengthening days and above freezing temperatures, the mountains of snow accumulated over the winter finally had a chance to melt.

For example, March 1st recorded 120 cm of snow on the ground (121 cm was the maximum for the winter of 2010-11) while on March 31st, a mere 8 cm of snow was on the ground – what a difference in a few weeks!

MARCH 2011 Almanac

Average HIGH  2.6 C

Average LOW  -7.3 C

AVERAGE  -2.4 C (0.5 degrees above normal based on 30 year average from 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  10.2 C (on the 6th)

Extreme LOW  -21.7 C (on the 4th)

Rainfall  50.0 mm (slightly above normal)

Snowfall  13.7 cm (only 20% of the normal)