April 2011 – Spring rollercoaster

Daffodils in Moncton 27 Apr 2011 (TWN)

In many ways, April 2011 is typical of what spring normally is in Greater Moncton – unpredictable, with wide swings in temperature and varied types of precipitation.

But after a cold and snowy winter, we were hoping for an early spring like last year with warm temperatures and less variability.

The month started off cold but even after a warm-up by mid-month, overnight lows were still frosty and more snow actually fell in April than in March.

APRIL 2011 Almanac

Average HIGH  9.4 C

Average LOW  -0.8 C

AVERAGE  4.3 C (1.1 C above the 30-year normal from 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  23.3 C with humidex of 29 C (on the 28th)

Extreme LOW  -7.9 C (on the 16th)

Rainfall  53.0 mm (slightly below normal)

Snowfall  20.6 cm  (about 40% below normal)


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