May 2010 – Where’s the sun?

Downtown Moncton (file)

Greater Moncton was dull and dismal throughout May thanks to a lingering low pressure system off Nova Scotia which didn’t want to move away from the region.

Rain, drizzle, and fog were common and when they weren’t, the sky was mostly cloudy.

Although temperatures were cool (especially at mid-month with a string of single digit highs) and precipitation was well above normal, no records were set during the month.

Warmer weather at month’s end helped boost the average overall temperature for May.


Average HIGH  14.8 C

Average LOW  5.4 C

AVERAGE  10.1 C (slightly above the 30-year average 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  26.3 C (on the 30th)

Extreme LOW  -0.7 C  (on the 2nd)

Precipitation (100% rainfall)  169.1 mm (almost 75% above average)

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