Irene downgraded entering NB

Tree down, Sackville, NB, 29 Aug 2011 (Dearing photo)

By the time Irene arrived in New Brunswick early this morning, the former hurricane had been downgraded to a post-tropical storm.

The eye of the storm had gotten as close as 70 km northwest of Edmundston as it made its way north from New England to the Gaspe Peninsula and onward to Labrador.

At the storm’s peak, more than 50,000 New Brunswick households had lost power as winds gusting as high as 93 km/h (recorded at Greater Moncton Airport) uprooted trees which brought down power lines around the province.

Most of the rain associated with Irene fell yesterday, with about 20-30 mm in Southeast New Brunswick, and the highest totals at Doaktown and Fredericton with 89 mm reported.

Quebec’s Eastern Townships (left side of storm track which gets mostly rain; right side mostly wind) received the most rain with almost 110 mm at Sherbrooke.