August 2011 – Warm and wet cont’d

Pollett River at Elgin, NB, 01 Aug 2011         (Dearing photo)

Remember last month in Southeast New Brunswick when warm and wet weather was the rule?

August 2011 had remarkedly similar weather and although it was wetter than normal, it was not quite as wet as July.

Temperatures were not extreme in either direction – the elusive maximum of 30 C was never reached while low temperatures seldom fell below 13 C.

Although August is typically the driest month of summer, this month proved the opposite with rainfall exceeding 13 mm on five separate days.

AUGUST 2011 ALMANAC, Greater Moncton International Airport

Average HIGH  23.7 C

Average LOW  13.5 C

AVERAGE  18.6 C (0.7 degrees ABOVE the 30-year average) 

Extreme HIGH  28.2 C  (on the 21st)

Extreme LOW  7.9 C  (on the 24th)

Rainfall  126.8 mm (about 63 percent ABOVE the 30-year average)

(courtesy Environment Canada)

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