September 2011 – Spectacular!

Sunset over Moncton, 29 Sept 2011 (TWN)

After two very wet months in July and August, the amount of precipitation dropped off dramatically in September – so little rain fell during the month that only a fraction of the normal amount was recorded.

And after the so-called “Summer of Our Discontent 2011” in New Brunswick with lots of cloudy, wet days, September proved to be warm, sunny and dry.

It was almost as if summer had arrived in September – better late than never I suppose. 


Average HIGH  21.5 C

Average LOW  9.7 C

AVERAGE  15.6 C (about 2.6 C above normal for the 30-year average 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  27.3 C (on the 25th, new record high for the date)

Extreme LOW  0.6 C (on the 28th, with scattered frost)

Rainfall  19.0 mm (about 80% below normal)