Hurricane Jova slams Mexico’s Pacific coast

Flooding in Manzanillo, Mexico, 12 Oct 2011 (AP)

Hurricane Jova flooded the streets of Mexico’s main Pacific port of Manzanillo with torrential rain today, inundating popular beach resorts and killing at least two people in a mudslide.

Streets in Manzanillo were underwater, coastal communities flooded and roads blocked due to fallen trees and washouts after Jova, now a tropical depression, hit the coast as a Category Two hurricane late Tuesday.

The Red Cross says the streets of Manzanillo are impassable, as are the highways connecting Manzanillo with the south of Jalisco state.

Meanwhile, the popular resort town of Puerto Vallarta, further to the north, was largely spared from the storm.

While Jova ravaged the coast, a tropical depression farther to the southeast prompted thousands of evacuations in Mexico as well as flooding and mudslides that have killed 18 in Central America since the start of this week.


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