October 2011 – Mild and wet

Centennial Park, Moncton, NB,   30 Oct 2011 (TWN)

Temperatures were well above normal during October in Greater Moncton  – and if not for brief cool snaps near the beginning and end of the month, the monthly average may have been even higher.

Precipitation was also well above average but interestingly enough, the bulk of it fell on just four days with more than 25% falling on the 20th alone.

A powerful Nor’easter at month’s end brought not only heavy rain but 6.6 cm of snow as well – more than twice the monthly average.


Average HIGH  13.6 C

Average LOW  4.9 C

AVERAGE  9.3 C (2.2 C above normal over the 30 year average, 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  26.9 C (new record for the 9th)

Extreme LOW  -2.4 C (on the 29th)

Rainfall  202.8 mm (more than 100% above average)

Snowfall  6.6 cm (more than 100% above average)


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