Canada’s Top 10 Weather Stories of 2011

Flooding in the Prairies (Lyndon Tucker photo)

Environment Canada has released its annual list of top ten weather stories of the year:

1.  Prairie flooding – Historic spring floods in Manitoba and Saskatchewan turn into historic summer floods.

2.  Alberta burning – Forest fires destroy one-third of the town of Slave Lake, Alberta in May.

3.  Richelieu flooding – Quebec’s Richelieu Valley floods after heavy snowpack melts in Northeastern U.S.

4.  Farming challenges – From coast to coast, wet fields cause problems throughout the growing season.

5.  Ontario twisters – An F3 tornado (with winds up to 320 km/h) ravages SW town of Goderich.

6.  Busy Atlantic hurricanes – Irene, Katia, Maria and Ophelia did the most damage of the season in Atlantic Canada.

7.  Bummer Summer – Either too hot in Central Canada or too wet and cool on both the East and West Coasts.

8.  Arctic ice shrinking – Sea ice in the Arctic reaches an all-time minimum in September since records began 50 years ago.

9.  Groundhog Day Storm – Blizzard shuts down travel for days in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

10.  Windy Alberta – Strong winds in November (peak gust of 204 km/h) blow trucks off highways and shatter office towers in Calgary.


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