Atlantic Canada’s Top 5 Weather Stories of 2011

Snowy North Moncton 13 January 2011

1.  Nasty Nor’easters – A series of powerful Nor’easters impacted the region in January dumping rain, freezing rain and mostly snow and started to bury Greater Moncton for the season.

2.  Blizzard Buries – After six winters living in Greater Moncton, this blizzard on 27 January was one of the worst mainly because of gusty winds (up to 70 km/h) driving the heavy, wet snow (about 30 cm).  Schools closed, RCMP urged drivers off roads and even shopping malls shut down.

3.  Moncton Snowed Under – On 15 and 16 February, 120 cm of snow covered the ground at the Greater Moncton Airport – 1 cm more than the previous record from 1992.  By month end, total winter snowfall accumulation amounted to 327 cm.  Colder-than-normal temperatures and the scarcity of rain were to blame.

4.  Pre-Halloween Spook – A major fall storm on 30 October haunted the Maritimes with high winds, heavy rain and snow.  Winds of 100 km/h caused pounding surf and powerful wind gusts.  The region either got soaked or buried, with 60 mm of rain in Nova Scotia and 20 cm of snow in parts of western and northern New Brunswick.

5.  First Big Wintry Storm – The first significant snowfall of the season on 23 November proved to be record-breaking with the Greater Moncton Airport recording about 25 cm of snow beating the old record of 22 cm from 23 November 1965.  More impressive snow totals were found in Nova Scotia – Halifax Airport 34 cm, Greenwood 37 cm and Sydney Airport 40 cm.

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