December 2011 – Rollercoaster ride!

Sunset in Moncton, 28 Dec 2011 (TWN)

You had to hold on tight and go along for a wild weather ride during December in Greater Moncton.

The monthly average was well above normal (3.7 C above normal) but most noteworthy was the frequent, dramatic swings in temperature.

Overnight lows were actually quite cold in the second half of the month (dipping to -19.9 C on Christmas Day) but daytime highs were frequently mild with four days at or above 10.0 C.

In a bizarre swing from 27-29 December, the temperature fell to -10.2 C, then climbed to 10.0 C, then dropped again to -10.3 C. 

Precipitation was near normal overall but snowfall was well below normal for the month.


Average HIGH  3.2 C

Average LOW  -6.8 C

AVERAGE  -1.8 C (3.7 degrees above the 30-year average)

Extreme HIGH  13.6 C (on the 5th and 8th)

Extreme LOW  -19.9 C (on the 25th)

Rainfall  93.0 mm (almost 50 percent above normal)

Snowfall  21.2 cm  (almost 70 percent below normal)

Precipitation  112.8 mm (near normal)


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