Cold in the east,warm in the west

Snowless in Moncton, 04 Jan 2012 (Dearing photo)

The jetstream has surged northward across western North America bringing Arctic air to much of the East as far south as Florida and allowing warm air to envelop the Prairies and U.S Great Plains.

Greater Moncton dropped to -15.8 C this morning – still not as cold as Christmas at -19.9 C.

Lows this morning in Florida dipped to 6.1 C in Miami and -5.6 C in Jacksonville while the U.S. Northeast had its coldest temperatures since last winter with Washington, DC falling to -8.3 C, New York City at -10.6 C and Boston at -11.7 C.

Meantime, it felt like spring on the Prairies today with Calgary reaching a record high of 15.3 C, Maple Creek, SK hit 16.4 C and even normally frigid Manitoba climbed above freezing with Melita, SW of Brandon, setting a new record of 6.1 C.


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