February 2012 – Winter finally begins

Robin spotted in Moncton, 29 Feb 2012 (TWN)

Some might say winter finally began in Southeast New Brunswick on the first day of February when the largest snowfall of the season to date (32 cm) fell in Greater Moncton.

Snow covered the ground for the entire month of February starting that day – the first consistent snow cover since winter officially began.

Other major snow events on 11-12 February at 29 cm and on 28 February at 12 cm helped add to the monthly snow total.

While snowfall was well ABOVE normal, rainfall was well BELOW normal bringing the average precipitation total to slightly above normal for the month.

Temperatures overall were above normal but some very cold nights were recorded during the first half of the month, bottoming out at -22.2 C on 13 February.


Average HIGH  -1.6 C

Average LOW  -12.0 C

AVERAGE  -6.8 C (1.2 C ABOVE 30-year-average)

Extreme HIGH  7.1 C (on 15 Feb)

Extreme LOW  -22.2 C (on 13 Feb)

Snowfall  101.6 cm  (more than 65% ABOVE 30-year-average)

Rainfall  9.1 mm  (more than 65% BELOW 30-year-average)

(Stats courtesy Environment Canada)


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