March 2012 – Unbelievable heat!

Trees budding in Moncton, 31 March 2012 (Dearing photo)

Environment Canada says it may never be as warm in our lifetimes as it was in March 2012 in Greater Moncton and much of New Brunswick.

Weather records for the region date back to 1871.

The average monthly temperature in Moncton was at least 3.6 C above normal which meteorologists say is quite significant.

A new all-time record high for March was recorded when the thermometer hit 26.1 C on the 22nd – the previous March high was 18.9 C in 1945.

The other striking note about last month was the lack of precipitation with below normal amounts of both rain and snow.


MARCH 2012 ALMANAC (from Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH  6.1 C

Average LOW  -4.8 C

AVERAGE  0.7 C (3.6 C above normal compared to 30-year average 1971-2000)

Extreme HIGH  26.1 C (on the 22nd – a new all-time monthly high)

Extreme LOW  -15.0 C (on the 27th)

Rainfall  14.0 mm (well below average – only about 1/3 of normal)

Snowfall  32.2 cm (well below average – less than 1/2 of normal)


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