April 2012 – Ups and downs of spring


Parlee Beach, 17 April 2012 (Dearing photo)

Environment Canada says April 2012 was about 2.3 degrees warmer than average in Greater Moncton which continues a trend which began over the winter.

Overall it was a fairly typical topsy-turvy April with a record high of 25.0 C and some days which barely climbed above freezing.

Wind direction plays a big role during spring with northerly winds from the chilly Northumberland Strait keeping the temperature down while southerly winds bring the thermometer up.

Precipitation was slightly below normal overall with much of the snow falling on one day – Easter Sunday.


Average HIGH  11.4 C

Average LOW  -0.5 C

AVERAGE  5.5 C  (about 2.3 C above the 30-year-average)

Extreme HIGH  25.0 C (on the 17th)

Extreme LOW  -7.0 C (on the 1st)

Rainfall  54.8 mm  (slightly below normal)

Snowfall  24.4 cm  (slightly below normal)


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