May 2012 – Sensational Spring!

Butterfly lands on white lilac, 21 May 2012 (TWN)

Spring is always the most unpredictable season in Southeast New Brunswick and this year is no exception.

But instead of sharp swings from cold to warm, temperatures have been more consistently on the mild side and precipitation has been well below normal.

Daytime highs in Greater Moncton were above average throughout May with the exception of a few days at month’s end oddly enough.

Overnight lows were chilly during the first half of the month but frost was rare due to cloud cover.

MAY 2012 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH  18.0 C

Average LOW  4.9 C

AVERAGE  11.5 C (about 1.6 C above the 30-year average of 1971-2000) 

Extreme HIGH  28.2 C (on the 21st)

Extreme LOW  -1.6 C  (on the 1st)

Rainfall  64.8 mm (about 30% below the 30-year average)

(Stats courtesy Environment Canada)

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