January 2013 – Cold but less snowy

High waves at Welsh Cove along Bay of Fundy (TWN)

High waves at Welsh Cove along Bay of Fundy, 31 Jan 2013 (TWN)

For the first time since last June, the average monthly temperature in Greater Moncton in January was not above normal but simply normal.

Generally speaking, overnight lows were very cold especially during the beginning and latter parts of the month when the thermometer dipped close to -20°C or lower.

Temperatures were below freezing for nine straight days during a prolonged cold snap from 21-29 January with well-above normal temperatures during the last two days helping to boost the monthly average.

Precipitation was well-below normal with only a quarter of the average rainfall and a little more than one-third the average snowfall for the month.

JANUARY 2013 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH -3.7°C

Average LOW -13.8°C

AVERAGE -8.8°C (near average)

Extreme HIGH 14.1°C (31 Jan)

Extreme LOW -23.2°C (24 Jan)

Rainfall 10 mm (approximately; about one-quarter of normal)

Snowfall 33.5 cm (approximately; less than half of normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada and wunderground)


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