November 2013 – Cold and dry

Snow in rural Kings County, NB, 12 Nov 2013 (Foster/Facebook)

Snow in rural Kings County, NB, 12 Nov 2013 (Foster/Facebook)

For the first time in 2013, the average monthly temperature in Greater Moncton was actually below normal.

While daytime highs and overnight lows were close to normal in the first half of November, low temperatures took big dips in the second half, falling to a frigid -12.6°C by the last morning of the month.

Precipitation was well below normal with some rainfall but barely any snow recorded.

NOVEMBER 2013 Almanac (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH  6.2°C

Average LOW  -3.6°C

AVERAGE  1.3°C (about 0.6 degrees below the 30-year average from 1981-2010)

Extreme HIGH  19.5°C (01 Nov)

Extreme LOW  -12.6°C (30 Nov)

Rainfall  48.6 mm (more than 40% below normal)

Snowfall  3.4 cm (more than 80% below normal)

(Statistics courtesy Environment Canada)

Storm brings blustery conditions

Courtesy The Weather Network

Courtesy The Weather Network

A late autumn storm which brought rain to the Maritimes and the Gaspe and snow to Eastern Ontario and the St. Lawrence Valley also brought strong, gusty winds.

In many parts of New Brunswick, the wind was more of a factor than the precipitation with gusts up to 100 km/h.

Storm totals, courtesy of Environment Canada:

Greater Moncton Airport  12 mm rain, winds 89 km/h

Saint John Airport  90 mm rain, winds 91 km/h

Mechanic Settlement 137 mm rain

Montreal Trudeau Airport 15 cm snow

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Airport 25 cm snow

Snow today, rain tomorrow in NB

Downtown Moncton, 26 Nov. 2013 (City of Moncton webcam)

Downtown Moncton, 26 Nov. 2013 (City of Moncton webcam)

A disturbance is delivering “nuisance snow” to Southeast New Brunswick today according to the Weather Network.

Meteorologist Doug Gillam says our region will receive a few centimetres of snow before a much larger weather system arrives tomorrow.

Gillam says a more intense system is moving in which will bring mild temperatures, gusty winds and lots of rain by tomorrow – as much as 30 millimetres is expected.

Gillam adds that system will move out Thursday and drier, colder conditions will settle in for the weekend.

Wintry storm a-brewin’


A wintry storm is racing up the Eastern Seaboard with plenty of wind, rain, snow and even a messy mix.

Forecasters say the system will bring mainly wind and rain to Southern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia but precipitation will likely start as snow tomorrow.

A mixture of rain and heavy snow is likely in the Appalachians, eastern Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Valley.

Melissa mellows in north Atlantic

Courtesy Canadian Hurricane Centre

Courtesy Canadian Hurricane Centre

Tropical Storm Melissa is expected to become post-tropical later today according to hurricane forecasters.

Melissa had top winds today of 85 km/h and was headed in an east-northeast direction.

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect, but gale-force winds are expected over portions of the western and central Azores islands tonight.

Gradual weakening is forecast during the next 48 hours and Melissa is expected to lose tropical characteristics tonight and become a post-tropical cyclone.

Powerful tornadoes tear across U.S. Midwest

Tornado devastation in Washington, Illinois, USA, 18 Nov 2013 (Twitter)

Tornado devastation in Washington, Illinois, USA, 18 Nov 2013 (Twitter)

Meteorologists say two tornadoes which touched down on Sunday in the state of Illinois, USA have been given ratings of EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale – one in the city of Washington and the other in the village of New Minden.

These twisters are now the strongest November tornadoes on record in Illinois where peak winds reached 300 km/h.

Almost 50 tornadoes touched down across the American Midwest and Ohio River Valley.

The clean up is well underway as cold Arctic air settles in over the region.

Snow invades New Brunswick

Snow in rural Kings County, NB, 12 Nov 2013 (Foster/Facebook)

Snow in rural Kings County, NB, 12 Nov 2013 (Foster/Facebook)

It may seem a bit early for snow in Southeast New Brunswick, but a cold rain turned white in the region today making for a winter wonderland in some rural areas.

Environment Canada reports that some parts of western and northern New Brunswick actually saw several centimetres of the white stuff.

The long range forecast calls for skies to clear and warmer temperatures by later this week.

Super Typhoon Haiyan devastates Philippines

Tacloban City, Philippines in ruins, 11 Nov 2013 (AP)

Tacloban City, Philippines in ruins, 11 Nov 2013 (AP)

More than 4,000 residents have been killed and many more injured after Typhoon Haiyan swept through the central Philippines on Friday devastating Tacloban City.

Aid is pouring in from around the world including supplies and doctors but the challenges of delivering the assistance means few have received help so far.

Tacloban City, with 225,000 on Leyte island, bore the full force of the winds and the tsunami-like storm surges.

Most of the city is in ruins, a tangled mess of destroyed homes, cars and trees while malls, garages and shops have all been stripped of food and water by hungry residents.

Strong winds pummel the Maritimes

tmp_SC20131103-100018-1397133033Winds gusted to 93 km/h at the Greater Moncton International Airport on Friday thanks to an intense Colorado Low which sent gales funneling up the Bay of Fundy.

The Tantramar Marsh between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia recorded the strongest wind gusts in the region – up to 100 km/h – which overturned a transport truck on the Trans Canada Highway near Amherst.

The wind also brought down tree branches and even full trees in some cases.

Rain was less of a factor with this storm than wind with most areas reporting less than 30 mm.