July 2014 – Amazing summer so far!

Alma, NB, 01 July 2014 (Dearing)

Alma, NB, 01 July 2014 (Dearing)

With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, residents of Greater Moncton and Southeast New Brunswick could not have asked for a better July.

Environment Canada says the average temperature during the month was 2.3 C above the thirty year average while rainfall was about 20 percent above normal.

The only spoiler was Arthur – a nasty post-tropical storm which pounded the province on 05 July with gusty winds at times stronger than hurricane force bringing down trees and power lines.

Thousands went without electricity for days in the Fredericton area.

JULY 2014 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH. 26.9 C

Average LOW. 15.3 C

AVERAGE. 21.1 C (about 2.3 degrees ABOVE normal)

Extreme HIGH. 31.3 C (01 July)

Extreme LOW. 11.3 (05, 06 July)

Rainfall 112.6 mm (about 20 percent ABOVE normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada based on period 1981-2010)


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