August 2014 – Cool and Unsettled

Irishtown Park, Moncton, NB (Dearing)

Irishtown Park, Moncton, NB, 31 August 2014 (Dearing)

After a warm and sunny July in Southeast New Brunswick, August was a definite disappointment with cool and unsettled conditions for a large part of the month.

Daytime highs were warm and above normal at the beginning and near the end of August but there was an extended period with cool, cloudy days and mild nights.

Although it often seemed wet, there were only three noteworthy rain events and overall precipitation was just slightly above average.

AUGUST 2014 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH. 23.7°C

Average LOW. 12.5°C

AVERAGE. 18.1°C (slightly BELOW average)

Extreme HIGH. 29.2°C (26 Aug)

Extreme LOW. 5.3°C (30 Aug)

Rainfall. 84.0 mm (slightly ABOVE average)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)

More summer to come

650x366_08271624_hd24Despite single digit low temperatures across New Brunswick this morning, forecasters are suggesting there is still more summer to come in September.

Yesterday in Greater Moncton, the daytime high was 17.2 C, making it the coolest day since late June.

This morning’s low of 5.3 C was also the chilliest minimum temperature in a couple of months.

But Accuweather believes the weather pattern during the first half of September will feature many days with above average warmth.

Cristobal will have some impact on Atlantic Canada

track(2)Hurricane Cristobal continues to churn in the Atlantic tonight, about 450 km east-southeast of Cape Hatteras and racing northeastward toward the Grand Banks.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says Cristobal will likely merge with a cold front moving southward over Atlantic Canada.

Forecasters say the result will be periods of heavy rain, gusty winds and fall-like temperatures for the Maritimes and Newfoundland by Friday.

Summer returns to N.B.

650x366_08251442_hd24Summer-like warmth has finally returned to Southeast New Brunswick after endless cool, mostly cloudy days.

Edmundston was actually the hot spot in Canada today at 32.1 C with many other communities reaching 30 C.

Greater Moncton hit 29 C which is the warmest so far this August but that high could be beaten tomorrow.

The warm spell will be short-lived with a cooler and less humid air mass moving into the region later this week.

Is the weather confused?

Rainbow over NE Moncton, NB, 19 August 2014 (Dearing)

Rainbow over NE Moncton, NB, 19 August 2014 (Dearing)

Over the past week in Southeast New Brunswick, the weather hasn’t been able to make up its mind.

Dark, ominous clouds give way to showers which leads to brief clearing and a bit of sun before the cycle repeats.

Daytime highs have also been running about five degrees below normal but overnight lows have remained relatively mild.

Forecasters maintain more summer-like heat will return at the end of the month.

Northern fires create poor air quality

Forest fire smoke envelops Yellowknife, NWT, 16 August 2014 (Twitter)

Forest fire smoke envelops Yellowknife, NWT, 16 August 2014 (Twitter)

More than 50 forest fires are currently listed as out of control in the Northwest Territories during what has become a summer of fires.

The blazes have scorched more than three million hectares of land and have created drifting smoke which has meant poor air quality in numerous communities including the capital of Yellowknife.

Smoke from the fires has also been carried southeastward by the jet stream to Ontario, Quebec and the Northeastern United States keeping daytime highs lower than normal.

Commercial fishermen also say the fires have dramatically raised temperatures in rivers and streams leading to a scarcity of fish.

Northern fires keep southern temperatures down

Winds are carrying smoke from forest fires in British Columbia, the Prairies and the Northwest Territories into Ontario and the Northeastern United States.

Forecasters say the smoke is even lowering temperatures by several degrees which has explained why Central Canada and the eastern Great Lakes region have been experiencing lower than average temperatures so far this summer.

The jet stream has been carrying the smoke but officials say it is moving at such a high altitude that air quality will likely not be affected in the region.

Two hurricanes target Hawaii

460xFor the first time in 22 years, a hurricane is bearing down on Hawaii – and not just one but two!

Hurricane Iselle, a Category 1 storm, is expected to slam the Big Island of Hawaii tonight with strong winds and heavy rain.

Residents have been stocking up on bottled water and batteries for days now in anticipation of the one-two punch.

Forecasters say Hurricane Jolio, which strengthened to a Category 2 storm today, will likely pass just north of the Pacific island chain on Sunday.

Bertha spares Maritimes, heading for Newfoundland

Forecast for 07 August 2014

Forecast for 07 August 2014

The remnants of Bertha, downgraded today to a non-tropical storm system, have spared the Maritimes and are now heading for eastern Newfoundland.

Forecasters say rain and gusty winds – up to 70 km/h – are likely for St. John’s and the Avalon Peninsula tomorrow.

Showers, thunderstorms and cool temperatures will persist in Southeast New Brunswick tomorrow due to a low pressure system which is being held in place thanks to Bertha.