September 2014 – Warm and dry start to fall

Fall colours near Hampton, NB, 28 Sept 2014 (TWN)

Fall colours near Hampton, NB, 28 Sept 2014 (TWN)

A burst of autumn colours have appeared in Southeast New Brunswick over the past week and judging by the show so far we could be in for a beautiful fall season.

The average monthly temperature in September for Greater Moncton was almost 1°C above the 30-year average thanks to warm, daytime highs and comfortable overnight lows.

The maximum temperature exceeded 25°C on eight days during the month.

Although it dipped close to freezing on 19 September, frost was not recorded during the month and many flowers and plants continue to flourish.

Rainfall was below normal with the only noteworthy rain event on 21-22 September which turned out to be an almost hurricane-like storm.

SEPTEMBER 2014 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH 20.7°C

Average LOW 8.2°C

AVERAGE 14.4°C (about 0.8°C ABOVE average)

Extreme HIGH 28.9°C (06 Sept)

Extreme LOW 0.4°C (19 Sept)

Rainfall 65.3 mm (about 30 percent BELOW average)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)