Migratory birds are starving in the Maritimes

Migratory birds are returning to the Maritimes this spring and many are finding it difficult to find food sources given the deep snow cover.

The delayed start to the season is hindering birds from getting to the bugs, worms and seeds they typically eat at this time of year.

Robins, sparrows and woodcocks are among those being found starving or even dead by residents.

Owls are also being affected since mice are scarce because of snow cover and cold.

Veterinarians are asking residents to help by spreading seeds and fruit and clearing snow on lawns to allow the ground to thaw so birds can find a natural food source.

Tornado season ramps up in American Midwest

Tornado damage in Fairdale, Illinois, USA, 10 April 2015 (Twitter)

Tornado damage in Fairdale, Illinois, USA, 10 April 2015 (Twitter)

The roughly 200 residents of the small community of Fairdale, Illinois, northwest of Chicago, are assessing the destruction from a powerful tornado which struck two days ago.

Authorities say at least two people were killed and dozens of others injured in a vast storm system which brought strong winds and heavy rain to a large swath of the American Midwest.

A good news story came from Rochelle, Illinois when emergency crews were able to remove debris and rescue 12 people from a restaurant who had taken refuge in the basement.

The severe weather also cancelled hundreds of flights at Chicago’s two major airports.