November 2015 – Nice and mild!


Moncton’s Sunnybrae Remembrance Day service, 11 Nov 2015 (Dearing)

Autumn weather prevailed in November throughout Southeast New Brunswick with mild temperatures and hardly a snowflake in sight.

While snowfall was below normal, rainfall was above normal with most of the precipitation falling during a single event 22-23 November.

NOVEMBER 2015 ALMANAC at the Greater Moncton International Airport

Average HIGH  7.2°C

Average LOW  -1.2°C

AVERAGE  3.0°C (about 1.1 degrees ABOVE normal)

Extreme HIGH  16.3°C (06 Nov)

Extreme LOW  -10.6°C (30 Nov)

RAINFALL  113.1 mm (about 25 percent ABOVE normal)

SNOWFALL  4.0 cm (well BELOW normal)

(Climate data courtesy Environment Canada)

Santa is coming to town!

Moncton Santa Parade 2015

Downtown Moncton during the Santa Claus Parade, 28 Nov 2015 (Facebook)

A lack of snow didn’t stop Santa Claus from making an appearance in Greater Moncton last night for the annual Christmas parade – the largest in Atlantic Canada.

At parade start time around 5-pm, the sky was cloudy, winds were light and the temperature was about 1°C.

As part of 91.9 The Bend parade float, it took almost three hours to cover the route from Vaughan Harvey Boulevard to Paul Street and by then it was below freezing.

But fun was still had by all!

Taste of winter, part two


Light dusting of snow in NE Moncton, 24 Nov 2015 (Dearing)

About 2 cm of snow fell in Greater Moncton overnight but fortunately it didn’t accumulate on most roads.

The first taste of winter was preceded by 70 mm of rain yesterday.

Environment Canada is calling for colder yet clear conditions over the next few days.

Taste of winter

Salisbury flood

Stranded vehicle in floodwaters covering MacWilliam Road in Salisbury, NB, 23 Nov 2015 (D. Hamer/Facebook)

It was a wet and wintry day in much of the Maritimes today.

After bringing 100 mm to parts of Nova Scotia and 70 mm to Southeast New Brunswick, cold air has filtered in behind the storm system.

Greater Moncton received 2 cm of snow but it only accumulated on grassy areas and not roadways.

More snow than rain fell in Northern New Brunswick with 22 cm reported in Balmoral near Campbellton.

Rain, snow and ice pellets coming


Pansies making a comeback on my patio, NE Moncton, 22 Nov 2015 (Dearing)

Grab your scarves and gloves in Southeast New Brunswick, the weather office is suggesting you may need them by tomorrow night.

Environment Canada has issued a rainfall warning for Greater Moncton with 50 to 70 mm expected over the next 24 hours thanks to a strong system moving into the region.

The temperature will drop to freezing by later tomorrow which means precipitation will change from rain to ice pellets and snow with 2 to 4 cm accumulation possible.

It could be worse – almost 25 cm of snow fell around this time of November back in 2011.

Dull and dark late autumn


Downtown Moncton as seen from Jones Lake, 20 Nov 2015 (Dearing)

With only about a month until the astronomical start of winter, there are signs in Greater Moncton late autumn is here and Mother Nature is getting ready for the cold.

Trees are now mostly bare of leaves, most snowbirds have already left for more southern climes and the days seem dull and dark.

Keep in mind that November is the least sunniest month in Southeast New Brunswick with an average of only 95 hours of sunshine compared to July which typically has 256 hours.

Wintry day in the Southeast

Screenshot (22)

NB Highway Camera, Shediac, NB, 17 Nov 2015

One of the coldest days yet this fall in Southeast New Brunswick began with accumulating snow on the outskirts of Greater Moncton and ended in a clear, frosty night falling to -4°C before midnight.

About 5 cm of snow fell this morning in the Shediac area and snow plows hit the roads for the first time this season.

Nova Scotia’s Cumberland and Colchester counties also had several centimetres of snow with slippery roads blamed for a vehicle rollover near Springhill.

Snow showers spotted in Greater Moncton


It’s mid-November in Southeast New Brunswick, so it’s not surprising to see a few snow flakes mixed with rain showers.

It is a stark reminder of what is to come with the official start of winter only a month away.

Nonetheless, I’ve spotted dandelions popping up on lawns again and even my potted petunias are coming back to life.

Lest We Forget


Moncton’s Sunnybrae Cenotaph following Remembrance Day service, 11 Nov 2015 (Dearing)

Remembrance Day is a solemn time to reflect on the past and pay tribute to all those who have served Canada in past conflicts.

The weather on this date is typically cold and damp and in Greater Moncton it turned out to be a chilly day with hints of blue sky during the service at Sunnybrae Cenotaph in northeast Moncton.

The temperature at the 11 o’clock hour was about 5°C with an afternoon high of 7°C.

Kate will not impact Atlantic Canada


Hurricane Kate has formed north of Bermuda but the Canadian Hurricane Centre says the storm is not expected to impact Atlantic Canada.

The fourth hurricane of the 2015 Atlantic season was centred 420 kilometres north of Bermuda early today and moving northeast at 65 km/h.

The maximum sustained winds were 120 km/h.

Forecasters are monitoring Kate and an unrelated system south of Cape Cod that could bring some rain to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.