January 2016 – Mild & less snowy


(Courtesy City of Moncton, 06 Jan 2016)

El Nino has undoubtedly played a role in a milder than normal January in Southeast New Brunswick with less stormy conditions and below average snowfall.

Greater Moncton had three snow events during the month (3-4 Jan, 13 Jan, 29-30 Jan) which delivered 54 cm and typically about 78 cm falls.

The monthly average temperature was a relatively balmy -6.1 C which is roughly 2.8 degrees above normal.

JANUARY 2016 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH -2.0 C

Average LOW -10.1 C

AVERAGE -6.1 C (about 2.8 degrees ABOVE average)

Extreme HIGH 9.0 C (11 Jan)

Extreme LOW -20.9 C (05 Jan)

Snowfall 53.6 cm (about 30 percent BELOW average)

Rainfall 23.8 mm (slightly BELOW average)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)


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