March 2016-Winter stays longer


Patches of snow remain in NE Moncton, 31 March 2016 (Dearing)

March in Greater Moncton would normally see progressively warmer temperatures as winter departs and spring begins.

But the last half of the month actually had more snow and was almost as cold as the first half.

The extreme high temperature during March was 10.7 C but the February maximum was actually warmer at 13.9 C.

Snowfall was below normal while rainfall was close to average.

MARCH 2016 ALMANAC (at the Greater Moncton International Airport)

Average HIGH  1.9 C

Average LOW  -7.6 C

AVERAGE  -2.9 C  (NORMAL based on the 30-year average 1981-2010)

Extreme HIGH  10.7 C (31 Mar)

Extreme LOW  -16.1 C (04 Mar)

RAINFALL  47.0 mm  (Slightly BELOW normal)

SNOWFALL  47.4 cm  (About 30 percent BELOW normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)


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