September 2016 – Warm and dry


Irishtown Nature Park, Moncton, 24 Sept 2016 (Dearing)

Warm, summer-like weather continued in Greater Moncton throughout most of September.

Both daytime highs and overnight lows remained mild until temperatures dropped dramatically during the last week of the month.

Rainfall was below normal but even more unusual was New Brunswick was not affected by any post-tropical storms as is typical in early autumn.

SEPTEMBER 2016 ALMANAC (at Greater Moncton International Airport, 1981-2010)

Average HIGH  20.7 C

Average LOW  9.2 C

AVERAGE  15.0 C (about 1.4 degrees ABOVE normal)

Extreme HIGH  29.1 C (06 September)

Extreme LOW  0.3 C (30 September)

RAINFALL  72.0 mm (about 23 percent BELOW normal)

(Data courtesy Environment Canada)


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