Cape Breton drenched again


A stream overflows in north end Sydney, NS, 11 May 2017 (Cape Breton Post)

Parts of Cape Breton Island were flooded by a deluge of rain barely six months ago – Thanksgiving weekend – and this week it’s happening again.

The ground is saturated with water after more than 160 mm of rain since the weekend and some Sydney residents are dealing with flooded basements.

Rain and snow melt from the Cape Breton highlands is being blamed for washouts along sections of the Cabot Trail and its side roads.

Road crews are working overtime making repairs before the busy tourism season begins in a few weeks.


Sean delivers a soaker!

Flooding in Hillsborough, NB, 11 Nov 2011 (TWN)

Tropical Storm Sean packed a punch as it moved south of the Maritimes bringing strong, gusty winds and drenching rain – especially along the Atlantic coast.

In Greater Moncton, almost 50 mm of rain fell yesterday which led to pooling water on many roadways and winds gusted as strong as 70 km/h.

Winds were as powerful as 100 km/h in Nova Scotia and even stronger gusts were reported in the Cape Breton Highlands with numerous power outages.

Saint John was soaked by almost 90 mm of rain while Halifax was drenched¬†with more than 100 mm yesterday – which is more than a month’s worth in just one day.

Rivers and streams swelled and flooding was reported in many areas of the region.