White Christmas guaranteed


For the first time since 2013, Southeast New Brunswick will have a White Christmas.

Although it was mild and rainy on Christmas Eve, not enough showers will fall to wash away the roughly 10 cm of lying snow in Greater Moncton.

Christmas Day is expected to be sunny with seasonal temperatures.

The only two parts of Canada that will not have a White Christmas are the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and the Pacific coast of British Columbia.

Green New Year’s

Most of the Maritimes now snow-free, 01 Jan 2012 (NOAA)

After a last-minute White Christmas in Greater Moncton, it turned out to be a green New Year’s Day in the region.

The snow and cold that arrived Christmas Eve disappeared over the holiday week with rain and milder temperatures turning things stark and green again.

However, forecasters say the mild air will be replaced by the arrival of Arctic air this week which will bring temperatures down considerably across eastern North America.